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GLeDitor v.2 - for Win32 architectures

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This branch of the project aim to build a small and easy-to-use editor for the Win32 OS family.
The initial development environment was Borland Delphi 6, and while now the preferred IDE is Delphi 2006, the source should compile even with delphi 7 and delphi 2005. Most part of the work of this editor is done by the Synedit components. Thanks and glory to their developers!


Softpedia AwardGLeDitor has been added to Softpedia's database of programs for Windows.

All the sources have been migrated to Subversion! (GLeDitor v.3 is abandoned, so this migration does not involve it).
From the version 2.2.6 the building environment is Turbo Delphi 2006; the Explorer edition is free as in beer: you can either copy the synedit source in the same directory of the gleditor source or install the synedit components in the dclusr.dpk package.
The version 2 of GLeDitor is stable.

Syntax Highlight: GLeDitor currently supports C, C++, C#, Java, Pascal, Basic, Php, Html, Xml and Sql syntax highlight.

Compatibility: GLeDitor v.2 runs on Windows 98, Me, 2000, Xp and Vista. It probably runs in Windows 95 too, but I can't be sure about this.
Using the Wine environment, GLeDitor can be executed in Linux. See here for details.

Localization: GLeDitor can be compiled with english or italian language localization. I need help for other translations. If you want to contribute, please download the source and send me an e-mail for details. This will be really appreciated.
Thanks to Esra Battar, there is a turkish edition of GLeDitor 2.2.7 - download it here.

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Download: get the source, the binary, or even the Window installer from the Sourceforge page.

GLeDitor v.3 - for Unix architectures - abandoned

"Reinventing the wheel is bad not only because it wastes time, but because reinvented wheels are often square" - Henry Spencer

To be honest, the third version of GLeDitor is a reinvented wheel, and, by now, is pretty square.
In other words, the GLeDitor v.3 was a proof-of-concept, and it is still in a early development state.
The development environment is FreePascal with the Lazarus IDE.
The goal is to get a functional port of GLeDitor v.2 for Linux and MacOs. Some things will change because the different architecture (there will be more powerful external compiler calls), but even the icons are different in v.3 (I will use these icons).
By now, I will not provide any binary.
Get the source at this page.
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